December 2017

Programming the Sonoff with Tasmota using the Arduino IDE

  1. Make sure you configured the IDE as described in Prerequisite!
  2. Load the file sonoff.ino into the IDE.
  3. In the Arduino IDE for sonoff select from Tools Board Generic ESP8266 Module ( Tools Board Generic ESP8285 Module for CH4 version) and set the following options:
  • Upload Using: Serial
  • Flash Mode: DOUT
  • Flash Frequency: 40MHz
  • CPU Frequency: 80MHz
  • Flash Size: 1M (64K SPIFFS) ⚠️️**If Version 5.x.x -> Flash Size: “1M (no SPIFFS)”**⚠️️
  • Debug Port: Disabled
  • Debug Level: None
  • Reset Method: ck
  • Upload Speed: 115200
  • Port: Your COM port connected to sonoff
  1. Open user_config.h and configure your WiFi settings and optionally your MQTT, Syslog, WebServer, NTP, etc. settings
  2. Verify and/or compile the project and upload to your sonoff using the serial connection established above.